The Digital Storytellers.

We craft digital stories that grab people’s attention, build audiences and get your message noticed.

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For over 27,000 years, since the first cave paintings were created, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods.

At Humanise.AI we pay homage to our ancestors by crafting digital stories.

We do this not on a cave wall, but with our own technology platform that combines cutting-edge AI with the rich traditions of storytelling and human creativity.

Our Storytelling Technology

A storytelling platform for the budding authors and narrators out there–the people with something to say, who need a way to say it.
  • Group 3


    Break the shackles of yesterday's rules and adopt the modern conversational tone that people relate to. Add multi-media elements to enrich the story in the style of a picture book.

  • cursor

    Gorgeous Typography

    Your colour, your font, your size. Or, mix it up - go large and then go small, add a border or change the background. Add a funky gradient, raise a smile with an animation. The world’s your oyster, with just one rule: be noticed!

  • lightbulb

    Interactive + Personalised

    Ask questions, record and analyse the answers, share insights with your audience, call external APIs and integrate live data into the conversation.

  • Group

    Build Your Audience

    Keep the conversation flowing–add people to Journeys that link your stories together through time. Trigger the sending of an SMS or Email to bring people back to the next step of your Journey when something happens–or when you want to make something happen.

Example Stories

Storytelling is about sharing your passion. Here we share our passions and bring to life what's possible with our storytelling technology.
Indie Food

A story of purpose

Storytelling is the perfect way to get the message of purpose-driven subjects, like climate change, out there.

Immerse the participant with interactivity, quizes and feedback. Have people register to be notified of future chapters when they're published.

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Indie Food

A story of navigating choice

The UK seaside town of Margate has a thriving indie food scene–inspiring, but also a little overwhelming.

Only Margate and only indie, we make it easy to sort through the myriad of food options. With a simple online spreadsheet acting as content store, community champions can curate content for their own towns.

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The Matrix

A story of building anticipation

The release of the fourth Matrix incarnation, Resurrections, is much anticipated.

With radical styling to match the Matrix brand, we immese people into the subject, take their details and notify them when tickets go on sale.

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The Matrix

A story of a new customer

You've sold a significant item to a new customer and want them to make the most of their purchase.

A printed QR-code efficiently brings people to the story, which explains the features of a product, the facilities in a hotel or how to charge an electric vehicle. We even introduce upgrade opportunities – like warranties, restaurant reservations and service plans.

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The Matrix

A story of a customer for life

The dream is to turn one-off sales into repeat customers.

Upload details of your sales and we'll Email/SMS your customers, inviting them to join a story that collects feedback, calculates your NPS score, alerts you to customer service issues and shares offers/incentives for repeat custom.

Coming soon...
  Coming Soon!  
  • id: hello_world
    name: Hello World Story
    description: This is the hello world story

      - type: respondAndWait
        response: Type “hello” to start!

          - type: respond
              - inputText: “hello”
            response: You did it!

  • Build your own

    We created our scripting language to author the stories we write–think of it as a digital typewriter. We're getting prepared to open access to others, so that anyone can narrate their own digital stories.

    Build audiences, send Email & SMS, tell interactive stories, use a pipeline of powerful AI services, integrate live data, apply a visual style, join Stories together into Journeys and schedule things to happen over extended periods of time.

What about you?

Perhaps you have a story to tell.
An audience to build.
A journey to take people on.

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