Legal client acquisition

Use AI to drive increased lead volume, higher lead quality and increased team performance

Replace tired and static website enquiry forms with interactivity that captures attention and drives increased enquiries.

With the latest AI technology, we're able to use sophisticated logic to walk clients through a set of questions, ascertain their needs, assess their responses and route them to the best member of your team.

Your team's performance is supercharged with instant alerts about new cases and detailed client information that ensures they can make a rapid decision about next steps, before the client goes elsewhere.

  • More, higher quality, leads

    Increase your qualified leads by 20-60% over simple web forms

  • Increase team efficiency

    Use AI to drive a series of client questions, ascertaining needs and automatically routing the responses to the best member of your team

  • Eliminiate language barriers

    Whether it’s Polish, Punjabi, Arabic or Welsh, we’ve got you covered — automatically translating between >100 languages

  • Optimise ad spend

    We show you the source, whether ad campaign or social post, for each lead generated — so you know which campaigns work best

  • Supported legal specialisms include Conveyancing, Immigration, Medical Negligence, Wills & Probate and more.

The PlatformOne website plugin supercharges your website

30 seconds is all you need to add our plugin to your website. After which, your website's transformed with AI-powered interactivity and proactive messaging that prompts engagement.

One place to capture and manage leads

Our client acquisition portal consolidates all your website leads. Powerful, but simple to use, it embeds the latest communications technologies.

Push notifications and emails alert your team to new client enquiries. Enquiries are routed to the right teams. All the information collected is at your fingertips. Our client portal helps you to respond faster and more efficiently, engaging your clients before they go elsewhere.