Accelerate client acquisition

Use AI to discover client needs and route enquiries to the right team members — fast

The effectiveness and speed of the initial client enquiry process is critical. Every moment your potential clients are waiting to talk to the right advisor, is a moment they might spend talking to a competitor. By streamlining this process using advanced AI to discover client needs, PlatformOne rapidly routes enquiries to the right team member, together with the data they need to be effective — before those potential clients can google your competitors.

  • Communicate

    Avoid personal phones and accounts, consolidating chat, email and sms into one place

  • Fast Setup

    With a pre-built understanding of the legal industry, get going with just a few clicks

  • Qualify Leads

    Let our AI automatically qualify your website leads for you, collecting the detailed information you need to take the next steps

  • Build Understanding

    Trace your website leads back their origins, understanding which campaigns and sources are delivering the best leads

Start by adding the PlatformOne plugin to your website

PlatformOne's plugin gives you a way to engage with your customers whilst they are still on your website. Supporting webchat, voice and video, it gives you the power to address questions before your customers go elsewhere, allowing you to convert more leads in to clients. Also, it's infinitely customisable, ensuring it matches your brand perfectly.

All your communications in one place

PlatformOne handles customer interactions across webchat, email, sms, voice and video, empowering you to communicate like a pro.

The basis of effective communication is understanding who you're communicating with. By bringing everything together in one place, PlatformOne gives you the power to better understand your customer's experience of your legal firm. With PlatformOne you can respond better, because you understand better.