Pro-level technology for automating customer facing communication and workflows.


Automate 🪄

Welcome to the world’s first pro-level customer journey automation system – designed to bring consistency, efficiency and responsiveness to customer-facing communication and workflows.

📧 Outbound communication
😍 Lead capture
🤔 Needs triage
👉 Client intake & onboarding
📖 Education
📆 Appointment setting
🧑‍💻 Data collection
✍️ Contract signature
💰 Invoicing & billing
🗳 Surveys & feedback
💁 Client support
✔️ And more

Our Technology

A single platform for automating your customer-facing communication and workflows.
    • One simple script.

      Our technology is based around a very simple customer journey automation script – everything you see on this page is accessible from these simple scripts.

      You don't need to be a programmer – anyone can quickly learn how to write customer journey automation scripts.

    • id: hello_world
      name: Hello World Journey
      description: This is the hello world journey

        - type: respondAndWait
          response: Type “hello” to start!

            - type: respond
                - inputText: “hello”
              response: You did it!

  • Nudge

    Nudge Customers

    Send Emails or SMSs that include our special "magic links" that pass identity and context back to your journey so that it knows who's interacting and why.

  • Group 3


    At the heart of our automation is a pro-level messaging system that gives you the power to communicate with your clients and execute automated dialogs.

    • Hey, beautiful!

    • cursor

      Welcome to the world’s first messaging system to give you complete freedom to mix different fonts, colours, gradients and animations – so that every single word expresses your brand.

      Pro-level and beautiful!

  • Group 11


    Record an event whenever anything significant happens, then visualise those events on a customer journey timeline.

  • Group 13


    When someone needs human help, have a task automatically generated and routed to the right members of your team for action.

    • Data collection.

    • Group 15

      Pro-level forms means forms with logic – skip sections that aren't relevent, define custom validation logic for things like postcodes and national insurance numbers and link to your own privacy policy.

  • Brain

    Cutting-edge AI

    Our zero-shot machine learning brings instant results, without the need to collect any training data. And our AI pipeline delivers the power of multiple machine learning models, without you needing to know anything about algorithms.

  • Group 5

    Integrate with APIs

    Our pro-level API integration means the ability to call external APIs and bring the results to your customer journey – all without writing a single line of code.

    • G







    • Group 14

      If digital marketing is your thing, you're going to love this... When people arrive at a journey from an external source – like a Google Ad – we tag the journey with those details, so that you can track how your campaigns are performing.

  • Group 6

    Schedule future actions

    Build long running journeys with actions that can be scheduled in the future and conditioned on events as they happen.

  • Group 7

    Embedded Code

    Pro-level means you need to be able to do anything and with our embedded javascript runtime, you can. You don't have to, but if you want to, you can execute real code – without limits.

  • Group 8

    Version your journeys

    Automatic versioning gives you the power to decide if you should leave existing customers on the current version of your journey, or bump them to the new one. It's your choice.

  • Group 9

    Take control

    Visualise the status of your journeys in our dashboard – take manual control and message your customers, find out which step of your journey they're on and identify common abandonment points.

    • Don’t I know you?

    • Group 10

      Customer identity flows between the steps of your journey automatically. Add a "magic link" to your email/sms, ensuring identity is resurrected when people come back to your journey.

What about you?

Would you like to make your customer experience more consistent, responsive and efficient?
Do you have a customer journey you'd like to automate?

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