Humanise Health
Better Conversations
Better care

Your patient’s health doesn’t end at the clinic. Neither should your conversations.

Whether you’re trying to triage needs, screen for a disease, schedule a follow-up appointment, or check in on medication intake, communication is critical to getting your patients the care and attention they need.

Humanise Health, built on PlatformOne, automates and personalises patient communication, outreach and follow-up.

It empowers you to engage with patients at a scale and on a regularity that your team could never achieve alone.

  • Assess patient needs, collect needed information and route enquiries to the right department or doctor in your medical facility
  • Automatically screen for symptoms (eg Covid-19) and prioritise medical access to those most in need
  • Counteract misinformation, rumours and fake news (eg Covid-19, vaccinations) by delivering automated and targeted communications to affected communities
Humanise Health case study

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