Our Purpose

Better living
Comms built for humans
Talking our way to knowledge

Simple Idea

Humanise was founded on one simple idea: Communication is about understanding each other.

But our world is moving inexorably towards a digital one and the rules of communication there are very different from the world we've known until now.

Customer conversations might be spread across email, sms and chat, making it difficult to join the dots. Digital customers are an impatient bunch - they want answers NOW and won't wait around for a response. The style of language we use is different - emails start 'Hi' rather than 'Dear Sir/Madam'. And finally, the digital world is noisy - to just be noticed means you might want to take some risks.

We help our clients to build communications that address the challenges of the digital era. In so doing, we bring the understanding that is often missing.


Helping organisations appreciate feelings and behaviours


Making online products and services understandable, easy, and joyful to use


Improving organizations' understanding of their customers and their needs

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