Boost revenue by using Artificial Intelligence to sell your room upgrades & facilities, whilst helping guests with hotel & area information.

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To a hotelier, Gem is…

A member of your team

Gem automates guest conversations, freeing your team from answering routine queries - and transfers guests to your team when needed.

An automated salesperson

Gem sells upgrades and hotel facilities to your guests, by making proactive offers at the best possible time and without increasing staff costs.

Gem builds guest relationships

Whilst Gem chats with your guests, it’s building the complete guest profile you need to drive targeted marketing campaigns.

New messaging channels

Gem chats and builds relationships with guests using the latest messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Google Assistant and WhatsApp. Now you can send a message that reaches your guest immediately – whenever you want.

Guest contact details

Gem automatically collects the contact details of guests, such as phone numbers and email addresses. It even does this for bookings from OTA channels that normally omit such data.

A complete guest history

Gem collates a full record of a guest’s history across stays – including bookings, upgrades, purchases, reviews, etc – everything you need to ensure your direct marketing campaign reaches the right guests with the right messages.

Apps for your staff

Gem answers most guest enquiries using AI. But when guests need help from your staff, they can step in and use the Humanise.AI Chat apps to respond.


The kind of web app you want to use, rather than have to. We even have a gorgeous new ‘dark mode’ that changes the app’s colours to better fit into a late night hotel environment.


Fast & fully native iPhone and iPad apps that take your guest communications mobile. Get push notifications when guests need help and respond whilst on-the-go in a busy hotel environment.

Explore our unique features

The Humanise.AI Chat apps (web and mobile) give you a real-time view of all communications between your guests and both Gem and your staff - as they happen. For the first time, you can see what guests say about you as they say it - and jump in to respond, if you need to.

Gem's impact

Metrics from our live production deployments prove the value that Gem brings.


Proportion of guests interacting with Gem


Proportion of guests providing full contact details to Gem


Proportion of guests making an automated purchase through Gem

What the hotelliers say

“The guys at Humanise.AI have totally transformed the way that we operate Hashtag Hotels. They helped us automate guest communications, increase our upgrade revenues and build a modern communications strategy for our guests.”

Simon Gilbert, Hashtag Hotels

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