Boost revenue by using Artificial Intelligence to sell your room upgrades & facilities, whilst helping guests with hotel & area information.

For hotels, AirBnB hosts, hostels, holiday rentals...

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This is what Gem does…

After feeding Gem with your upgrade availability and offers…

  1. Gem contacts guests and starts chatting with them on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.
  2. Gem uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate most responses and identify when to make upgrade offers. But Gem can also transfer guests to your team if needed.

Gem is proactive

Gem pro-actively messages your guests and makes suggestions at the perfect time, maximising the chances of selling your hotel upgrades and services.

Examples of Gem’s pro-active messaging

2 days before arrival

You’re due to arrive in two days time – would you be interested in upgrading your room to a suite for an additional £30/night.

Day 1 of stay

You must be tired after travelling, how about a refreshing cocktail in our bar or a relaxing massage in the spa?

Day 2 of stay

Hey, it’s 6pm and nearly dinner time - would you like some help with booking somewhere to eat (our onsite restaurant is excellent)?

Day of departure

It was wonderful having you stay with us. Would you care to rate your experience 1-5?

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See what Gem means for your hotel

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