Boost revenue by using Artificial Intelligence to sell your room upgrades & facilities, whilst helping guests with hotel & area information.

For hotels, AirBnB hosts, hostels, holiday rentals...

Meet Gem!

Gem is like Siri or Alexa for your hotel, automatically answering questions and getting stuff done for your guests.

Is it possible to get a room for my family?”

“What’s the checkout time?”

“Rooms with twin beds?”

“How to get to the hotel from the airport?”

It’s like Web Chat, only better

Gem can live as a pop-up on your website. It’s just like Web Chat, only it automates answers to most questions. Gem replies instantly and never sleeps. And if a guest has a question that only staff can answer, Gem will summon their help. With Gem, guests always get their questions answered.

Increase direct bookings

Gem instantly answers the 76% of questions on hotel websites that are pre-sale related, removing barriers to bookings. Gem integrates with leading booking engines, makes direct-only packages clearer and guides guests through the booking process.

Don’t disappoint; automate

Guests using web-chat are often frustrated by slow responses and leave your web-site before you can answer – meaning you’ve lost the chance to convert a browser to a booker. Gem banishes missed chats, always replying instantly.

Save staff time

80% of web-chat questions can be automated. Why waste precious staff time, when you can let Gem take the load?

See what else Gem can do

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Start your AI journey now

Gem is a full accommodation Virtual Assistant, integrating with leading PMSs and capable of helping guests before, during and after their stay. Gem’s automated web-chat is the perfect jumping-off point for a more ambitious #hotelOfTheFuture use of AI.