Humanise.AI Chat turns a simple chatbot into a powerful customer service solution.

This is what Humanise.AI Chat does…

When your bot connects to Humanise.AI, it gains the capabilities it needs to work on the realities of complex customer service; live monitoring, bot-to-human hand-over, tasks, workflows and an integrated bot-CRM.

Get the skills your bot needs


Pause your bot, take manual control and chat human-to-human with your customers when you need to.


Use our web and mobile apps to see all your bot conversations as they happen - in real-time.


Give your bot the ability to create tasks for you to perform outside of the digital conversation - even physical things that only humans can do, like deliver a pizza.


Capture customer data from your bot, add it to your CRM database and then use it to drive personalised conversations.

Apps to control your bot

Your bot answers most enquiries using AI, but when the going gets tough, you can step-in and use the Humanise.AI apps to take manual control.


The kind of web app you want to use, rather than have to. We even have a gorgeous new ‘dark mode’ that changes the app’s colours to fit better into late-night environments.


Fast & fully native iPhone and iPad apps that take your customer communications mobile. Get push notifications when customers need help and respond whilst on-the-go in a busy environment.

Explore our unique features

The Humanise.AI Chat apps (web and mobile) give you a real-time view of all communications between your customers and both Humanise.AI Chat and your staff - as they happen. For the first time, you can see what customers say about you as they say it - and jump in to respond, if you need to.

☹️ Everyday bots

Invisibility of chats

Customer frustration

Inability to get things done

Falling customer engagement

😁 Humanise.AI bots

Real-time chat dashboard

A single place to see customer activity as it happens in real-time

Bot-to-staff handover

Empower your staff to take manual control of chats when your bot struggles

Tasks and workflows

Have your bot generate tasks & workflows for your staff to undertake more complex work

Proactive messaging

Send timed and proactive messages to encourage customer engagement

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