Our Company

Real. Expert. Humans.

Our team has experience spanning from the corporate world of IBM to the artistry of the music industry, and we've worked with clients from hoteliers to public health agencies. We came together because we believe that diversity of thought and experience helps us do better work. Communications should be simple, honest, and clear for teams everywhere. That's how we work with each other, and that's how we'll work with you.

Meet the founders

Duncan Anderson

Duncan Anderson

Duncan is our CEO and former CTO for IBM Watson Europe. He has a strong track-record in making the complex world of AI intelligible, having appeared on both Channel 4 and been featured in Wired Magazine. Duncan has worked with customers across Europe on some of the world's most ambitious AI implementations and his practical experience ensures that he offers pragmatism over hype.


John-David (JD) Wuarin

JD is our COO and has a long history in building messaging and AI solutions. As part of Duncan’s team at IBM Watson, he authored a number of ambitious AI implementations in Europe. JD holds an MS in engineering from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from St. Gallen University.