Humanise.AI — who are we?

Duncan Anderson
January 14, 2021

Customer Journey Mapping

Today we launch our new Humanise.AI website. It's an exciting time and I'm even more excited to share with you some more information about our beliefs, purpose and how we help organisations get digital-ready!

🤔 Why do we exist — what is our founding belief?

We believe that in an uncertain world, one thing is certain: that customers increasingly want to communicate digitally and not physically.

Our society is in the midst of profound change: We get our news online instead of from physical newspapers, we don’t make phone calls without texting to see if it’s convenient, we make video calls instead of travelling to visit people, we order from Amazon instead of visiting the shopping mall, and we don’t walk past physical shop window displays on our way to work, instead we work from home and view online ads.

The global pandemic has accelerated these trends, but it did not create them — they were well established before we’d even heard of Covid-19.

But what an acceleration we’ve seen in the past year. In the UK, nearly 40% of us now work from home. Grandparents have learnt to use zoom to communicate with their grandchildren. The value of online grocery shopping doubled in the space of just a few months. If we weren’t a digital society before, we sure are now.

These changes are unlikely to be temporary. A full 59% of people think that life will be significantly different once the pandemic is over. 47% intend to continue working from home, 49% will do more online shopping and 30% will socialise more online. Our society has changed and digital is now a critical part of it.

👉 Now is the time for every business to take digital communication very seriously

😭 Digital communication is not easy

Technologies and digital channels are many, varied and often poorly integrated. Automation is a necessity to meet customer expectations of immediacy, but notoriously difficult to do well.

A traditional tone of voice does not always translate well in a digital world, where informality (emails start “Hi”, not “Dear Sir/Madam”) is the norm rather than the exception.

Automating multi-step customer journeys (send an invitation email, await a response, send an SMS if no reply, start a conversation with a bot, send a confirmation SMS and email on completion) is really tough.

And finally, the digital world is a noisy one. To be noticed requires imagination, creativity and sometimes the willingness to take some risks.

💁 How do we help?

Our PlatformOne product addresses all the needs of digital communication for a business — web chat, AI bots, voice, video, email, sms and interactive digital marketing campaigns. One platform for everything, because one platform is the only way to avoid forcing customers to change channels. Changing channels is bad, because our experience shows that up to 50% of people never return when that happens. PlatformOne's purpose is to avoid channel breaks and keep your customers on your website, upgrading the experience as necessary.

But technology is not sufficient — as Steve Jobs once said:

“technology alone is not enough — it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

Steve Jobs - Liberal Arts & Technology

These words inspired us at Humanise.AI.

Our approach is to take our technology and use our team's skills and experiences to blend it with imagination, creativity, inspiration, personality, humour and informality.

Digital technologies often focus on automation and improving efficiency. We do that, but we also want to make your customer’s hearts sing; we want to humanise your digital communications as well as automate them.

Our Humanise Labs initiative means we're here to help you use PlatformOne with imagination and creativity — helping you build engaging customer experiences that bring clarity and get you noticed amongst the noise.

What do we offer our customers?

Everything we do is based on PlatformOne, which gives us the tools to redesign an organisation's digital communication across marketing, sales and customer support.

PlatformOne is an established solution that’s used every day of the year, at scale, in multi-billion (yes, we do mean billion and not million!) pound businesses.

What do we use PlatformOne for?

💬 Web Chat, 🤖 Bots & Virtual Assistants for your website

A core part of PlatformOne is its inbuilt messaging and chat functionality. This includes our own live chat system that works with both your team responding to customer requests and automated Bots or Virtual Assistants.

Bots and Virtual Assistants are critical, because that's how you meet the demands of digital customers for virtually instant responses at any time of the day or night. Answer questions, usher customers through a pre-designed sales funnel, integrate with your core systems and get things done. Or, if needed, take your customer's details and empower your team to get back to them using our messaging control centre.

Our team have deep expertise in building Bots and Virtual Assistants and can make something unique and impactful just for you.

📺 Video & 🗣 Voice on your website

Don't break the channel is one of our guiding principles. So PlatformOne includes the ability to host voice and video calls on your website.

In an age when many of us use technologies like Zoom to keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family, video has a much increased importance — think personalised video shopping or digital healthcare, for example. Unlike the big technology providers, our approach is peer-to-peer and our systems never see the video/voice feed, which by the way is encrypted and secure.

🚂 Customer journey design & automation

Our most ambitious uses of PlatformOne have involved the redesign of end-to-end customer journeys.

What does this mean? Imagine sending an invitation email to your customers. Those that don't respond after a week, get sent a reminder SMS. When customers do take action, they press a link in the email or SMS that takes them to an automated bot. That link isn't just any old link, it's one of our magic links that include the customers identity. That means that the bot they arrive at knows who they are and can have a personalised conversation. On completion of a process in the bot, the customer is sent a confirmation email and SMS.

We configure such journeys in PlatformOne's Journey component, which manages their execution.

When we work together and step back to re-think how things should work, magical things can happen. One customer we work with has made over £2m in sales through a single automated customer journey.

PlatformOne Solutions

When we see opportunities for reusable solutions, we're building those on PlatformOne and offering them to customers as a way to accelerate the transformation of their communications.

At the moment we're focussed on three areas:

🏥 Health

Whether you’re trying to triage needs, screen for a disease, schedule a follow-up appointment, or check in on medication intake, communication is critical to getting your patients the care and attention they need. Humanise Health automates and personalises patient communication, outreach and follow-up.

🏡 Habitat

Discovering and interacting with your location — whether you're a citizen or visitor — is important. With Humanise Habitat we bring the delivery of mass communication, AI and automation to cities, towns and even hotels.

👩‍💼 Business

The routine aspects of business are actually what makes business tick.

Connecting new customers with the right person before they lose interest, speeding up the time to payment, chasing unpaid bills, collecting feedback and building a pipeline of new sales is the lifeblood of any business.

With Humanise Business we're addressing these issues and providing a solution that keeps your business ticking along like a well-oiled machine.

ℹ️ What to know more?

If our vision sounds intriguing, we’d love to chat! PlatformOne, combined with our team's diverse experiences and skills, can help you re-think and re-wire the way that you communicate — for the digital era.

Contact us at

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