Holiday email titles that attract attention

Duncan Anderson
January 14, 2021


In the analog world shops grab our attention at sale time with eye-catching window displays. The signs are invariably red, the type face bold, the manikin's undressed β€” a look and feel that's hard to ignore.

In the digital world we need to try a little harder. The equivalent of grabbing someone's attention as they walk past, is an eye catching email title.

Half the battle with email marketing is making sure our email is even noticed β€” and, hopefully, opened. But if it's not noticed, it certainly won't be opened.

This year we've noticed a number of strategies being used by brands to make the initial email enticing. Of course, the email preview is also important β€” together, these two lines are what most people see in their list of new emails. Taken together, you need to present an enticing message that grabs people's attention. So, what are brands doing?

πŸ’₯ Getting noticed

It’s clear that emojis in email titles are now essential. All the examples below are festooned with appropriate emojis to emphasis the message and stand out from all those corporate and family/friend emails.

The use of a friendly, enthusiastic and informal tone of voice is very common.

Sale is ON β€” and up to 50% OFF! πŸ™Œ
Just the thing for those winter blues.

Set your ⏰: 25% OFF ends midnight!
The final hours.

MASSIVE NEWS: 25 to 50% off pretty πŸ‘ much πŸ‘ everything πŸ‘
Plus, free delivery on all app orders

Black Friday Sales are HERE πŸ’£ πŸ’₯
Up to 80% off all Apple Watch Bands and accessories

⛄️ A special holiday treat for you
We wish you a magical holiday season!

Your 5⭐️ SALE Favourites
Up to 50% SALE Continues

The part hasn’t ended yet

πŸ’« Holidays Done. Now it’s New Years Deals! πŸ’₯
40% off βž• Free gift with leather purchases

◻️ An empty preview

Rather than use the message preview to supply more information, these brands did the opposite β€” by leaving white space, they ensure their title is visually separated from the others.


Your exclusive offer expires tomorrow

πŸ”΄ Going dramatic

These ones certainly won't be missed - when the challenge is standing out in a crowded inbox, these messages are at least noticeable.

Heavy bold emojis and spelling out your message, with spaces between each letter, ensures you stand out from the crowd.

⭕️ C L E A R A N C E ⭕️
FREE DELIVERY on everything

❌ B O X I N G ❌ D A Y ❌

πŸ€” Intrigue

These email titles are clever β€” they hint at something enticing, but don't tell the whole story. They work because we can't help but click through to see what we might be missing.

SERIOUSLY? You’re gonna pass these up?!
πŸŽ‰ Massive Discounts πŸŽ‰

Shh! It’s a Secret.πŸ‘€

ℹ️ Can we help?

The Humanise.AI PlatformOne communications system includes email campaign functionality. But we can do more than just send an email campaign β€” we can link the emails you send to an interactive campaign chatbot. When your customers receive the email, they can press a button in it and start interacting with your chatbot β€” transforming the campaign from a broadcast into a two-way conversation with your customers.

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